He Talks to dead people…

Because, as you know the RNC tackles the real issues.
This was found on the RNC website, along with other issues that make me want to have him as president and not VP.

  • Edwards Claims ?Natural Connection? With Rural People, But Flunked Funk?s Rural Q&A.
  • Edwards Has ?Never Done Any Serious Farming.?

  • Edwards Doesn?t Follow Weekly NASCAR Races, Adds He ?Doesn?t Follow Anything Except Politicking.?

  • Edwards Hasn?t Hunted Or Fished ?In Years.?

  • Edwards Has ?In The Past Been A Country Music Fan.?

  • Edwards Can?t Even Remember Make Or Model Of His Own Truck.

this can be found here http://www.gop.com/RNCResearch/Read.aspx?id=4345