dude, your governor is GAY

Today Jess (former Ho) Cohen, IMed me and finished it with “dude, your
governor is GAY. that’s fucking brilliant” I actually did a spit take
and laughed so hard water shot out my nose (thank god it was water and not
soda, that shit hurts).

If you aren’t from the metro area then you might not know who NJ’s Governor
is, James McGreevey. And you might not have heard that yesterday he came out
of the closet and will be resigning from office in a few months.

tenure has been marred with scandal already with several people in his administration
proving the Jersey political stereotype of corruption true.

One of the actions of McGreevey, that had many GOP rumbling, was the appointment
of Golan Cipel to the New Jersey Homeland Security adviser. This looked pretty
strange. Now we understand why this appointment was made. You see
Golin was the person McGreevey had an affair with and it seemed Golin wanted
to extort some benjamins from him, looks like he got himself a nice fat Job
out of the deal. I think Golin should be bitch slapped for using this to his
advantage. I also think Mrs. McGreevey should bitch slap both James and Golin.
I also think the GOP should shut the hell up and stop asking him to resign

If James resigns before Sept 5 then there will be a special election held
and the GOP can try for the office, hellz no this cannot happen. McGreevey
said his resignation would be effective Nov. 15 – 11 days after the coming
general election.

McGreevey said “it makes little difference that as governor I am gay.” Truer
words could not have been spoken but you know the GOP and after all this is
Jersey with its patented Wife-beater shirts and love for Irocs and don’t forget
sleaze side heights. Now you can call me ignorant for saying these words, and
maybe you are right but guess what, you aren’t right, I am. end of story.