Mad about Bush

“Not only does Hillary Clinton obviously read Mag Magazine, she bathes nightly in the blood of Christian babies,” -Senator Rick Santorum.

This was said in reaction to Hillary Clinton saying “I sometimes feel Alfred E. Newman is in charge in Washington,” during a speech in Colorado. Clinton later used Newman’s catch phrase, “What, Me Worry?” to much joy and laughter.
All I can say is WOW, Rick, a bit harsh isn’t it? Little did Ricky know that bathing in the blood of Christian babies, relieves tension and prevents wrinkles, unlike what Ricky Rick does, bathe in the blood of non-Christian and non-white babies, which causes tension and frown lines and don’t forget leaves a dark ring around the tub.
The Prez later fired back his retort, comparing Hillary to “Lucy” from Peanuts. “Much like Lucy, Senator Clinton is an annoying, bossy loudmouth,” Bush said. “And she’s always pulling the football away at the last second–only in her case, the football is the truth.”
WOW what a comeback.