Kegs for Kerry

what do you do when you get 100 or so people in a huge loft with 4 kegs and charge 20 bux a head? Around 2,000 bux baby, thats what you get.

On friday Sept. 10th 6 of us embarked on a mission. Our mission you ask? Do something do something for our country. you see, NY and NJ are both blue states so of course our great leader won\’t campaign there (well unless its a photo op at the RNC in NYC) he is only targeting the target swing states Ohio, New Mexico, Florida, and Pennsylvania. We cant really persuade voters to vote different in NJ or NY it will turn out blue no matter. Enter MoveOn Pac ( a Political Action Committee targeting the swing states making sure people get the truth and get out the vote. We decided (beforehand) to donate the entire proceeds to them to help the fight. I think thats a pretty penny.
D and I took care of the kegs which only cost 59 bux and weighed 175 pounds a piece. I took care of the tunes which had the people going. the GF, S and J took care of the location, cleaning, moving stuff around and stocking the drinking implements. Z brought the receiver which powered the tunes and a tarp just in case we where going to use the tub as a Keg holder. We all took turns at the door trying to keep the 20 dollar entry strict at one point when I was hanging with Z at the door these two girls came up and tried to pay less with some excuse like \”we work teaching underprivileged children\” which made me say to them \” did you say you WORK?\” they said, \”yea\” . \”Well I\’m unemployed\”. don\’t give that shit 20 bux for all you can drink beer is amazing, everyone drank more then 20 bux of beer.
Did I mention D and I carried all 4 Kegs up 5 floors, lets just say we never left the apartment till the late the next day very very hungover, a hangover worth more then it’s weight in kegs all for a great cause. thank god they weigh only 30 pounds empty.