Panama Week 1

Hello and greeting all from Panama.

Writing to you from a busted up computer in la chorrera in Panama province. well im still alive. only getting fatter from all the crap that they cook here. everything is fried. But I never really turn any food down.

Well lets see. I was late for the flight to Miami, but not a problem as i was able to take a later flight. i was fashilably late to the beatiful omni collonade hotel in coral springs where we had our staging sessions. i got to meet cool people and hang out and swim and eat cuban food every night. then it was time to leave for panama.

we arrived at the City of Knowledge, which was the former american bases. we were there for a week in the bungalows. we played uno and dominoes n ate. there are 34 of us divided into community economic development, rural health, and environmental health which i am a part of.

now we are in santa rita with our host families. i have my own room and no pillow. the water runs on a very rare occasion so i take bucket baths and i also use the latrine in the outhouse. we have two classes every day. my host family serves me breakfast and then its off to tech training where some of us learn how to make a compost. today was my turn to turn over the shit. the steaming pile of shit.

classes are at the shool by the way. other times we learn how to make a garden. thats our current project. then we get to start and manage a chicken farm where we get to raise the cute chikees and then kill those fuckers that keep me up all night. Oh and there are mangy street dogs everywhere.

there are lots of chinese people also who run the grocery stores. where am i. oh yeah. taking malaria medication. yeah. MF. malaria fridays.

woohoo. making lots of friends. they all think im funny and i hang out with everyone. i visited almost all my friends at their host family homes. we danced traditional music and drank chicha…ewww soo good. and i just love picking mangos and star fruits and quenepas-or mamemos as they call them here. well i have to go. as you can see by this email its a little hastily written but where going to have pizza-owww. so im having fun and laughing as always. thanks for everything and i miss everyone.