And knowing is half the battle

Do you peeps remember how at the end of every G.I. Joe Cartoon there would be this thing called “And Knowing Is Half The Battle”? It would always be an informative message from a member (sometimes two) of G.I. Joe all the while stopping stupid kids from hurting themselves.

about life can be leaned by these PSAs brought to yo by the Joe team themselves,
well at least for me, I leaned not to tell a stranger were I lived and now
im here to write this crap because of it.

Here’s some of the key knowledge you need to know (stolen from the net)

Season 1

Alpine- What to do when you’re lost
Stay calm. Think. Where did you see him last? Go back here. If he doesn’t come
back, ask a policeman for help.

Barbeque- What to do if your house is on fire
Remember, if a fire breaks out in your home, always test the door first. If
it’s hot, find another exit or yell for help.

Deep Six- Don’t swim when it’s storming
At even the hint of a thunderstorm, get right out of the water.

Mutt- Don’t pet strange dogs
Don’t run! Walk away slowly. Never try to pet an animal you don’t know. He
might be lost, sick or scared. If we don’t know, we leave ’em alone.

Quick Kick- Don’t be in a hurry to build your tree house
Remember, anything worth doing is worth planning.

Spirit- What to do if you catch on fire
Remember, if your clothes catch on fire, rap yourself in a rug or blanket (and
roll on the ground to smother the flames).

Torpedo- How to tread water
Open and close your legs like a scissor. Keep up a steady rhythm. Now cup your
hands downward and move them in a figure eight motion… Never play around
water alone.

Cutter- Have a ump ref your baseball games
Well, fighting won’t stop it. When people disagree sometimes they need someone
who’s not involved to settle things.

Flint- Don’t get mad at your goalie for letting in a bad goal
Will yelling at Billy help?… Look, if you want to play your best you got
to play like a team. Remember, you need teamwork to win, not arguments.

Dusty- Put reflectors on your bike or be runover
And I couldn’t see you! No wonder, you don’t have reflectors. They tell drivers
where you are… Remember, if you have to ride when it’s getting dark, have
the right equipment.

Scarlett- You can learn to water ski if you keep trying
That’s because you quit trying… You’ll never win if you give in.

Roadblock – Don’t tell a stranger where you live
Remember, never tell anyone you’re home alone and never give anyone your address.

Flint- Don’t blame your brother
Anyone can help an accident, but lying makes it worse… Face up to what you’ve
done. Don’t take the easy way out. Remember, it’s better to tell the truth.

Barbeque- Don’t pull the fire alarm unless there’s a fire
Remember, a firefighter’s job is to fight fires- not answer false alarms.

Footloose- How to stop a nose bleed
Pinch your nose closed and lean forward. If it doesn’t stop in 5 minutes, pack
your nose with gauze and pinch it closed for ten more minutes. If its still
bleeding, then see a doctor

Snow Job- Don’t skate on thin ice
Remember, frozen ponds and rivers may not be totally frozen

Doc- Don’t take drugs without your parents there.
Never take medicine without a grown up present. You could do more harm then
good… If you can, wait for your parents. Of if it’s serious, ask a neighbor
for help.

Lady Jaye- It’s okay to be a chicken if your smart
There’s nothing chicken about being smart. If you stop and think there’s almost
always a better way.

Ripcord- Maybe you stink at baseball because you need glasses
Having your eyes tested may clear things up. Don’t avoid a problem. Meet it
( and beat it).

Shipwreck- Don’t run away from home
Isn’t it better to try to solve problems instead of runnin’ away from ’em?…
And remember, running away (leads nowhere).

Recondo- Don’t hid in the frig
Remember, never get in anything that could close up and trap you.

Airtight- What to do if someone passes out
Never lift the head of someone who’s fainted… Keep him flat and brace his
legs. Now, loosen his clothes and use a wet cloth.

Roadblock- Don’t jump your bike over downed power lines
Remember, don’t play around electric wires or you could be playing with fire.

Blowtorch- Don’t call the fire department from a burning building
If there’s a real fire in your house, your first job is to escape immediately.
Fire spreads quickly. Call the fire department from outside the house.

Gung-Ho- Girls can skateboard better too
Don’t judge people ’til you give them a chance.

Shipwreck- Stealing is wrong
Remember, taking something that isn’t yours just isn’t right.

Will Bill- Don’t go with strangers
Well, just don’t do what a stranger says. Check it out with an adult you know.
Remember, a stranger (can mean danger).

Deep Six- Wear a life jacket
A life jacket is good protection (like seat belts in a car).

Season 2

Leatherneck- Don’t stay out all day in the sun or you’ll turn into a lobster.
A bad sunburn can make you sick or even put you in the hospital.

Lifeline- Don’t eat junk food
A candy bar might give you a quick boost of energy, but after 20 minutes, you’ll
feel run down. So let’s eat smart!

Spirit- Blind kids can find lost kittens too
Having a handicap doesn’t mean you’re helpless.

Cross Country & Beach Head- Protect your head
These ATVs have as much power as a real motorcycle. You gotta respect ’em.
(And wear a helmet for protection).

Dial Tone- Don’t paint your bike in the garage
All paints, and especially spray paints, have poisonous gases in ’em. If you
breath too much you can get very sick… Always read the label carefully
and check for warnings before you start any job.

General Hawk – Don’t try to beat the train
That’s a dangerous game you two were playing. Listen to your friend Chris.
Those gates are provided as a warning to let you known that it’s not safe
to cross.

after all this well ya gotta peep this redubbed GI Joe