Chichas and bochinches (week 2)

Hello all. Miss the hell out of everyone.
So life in the tropics is shweet! Getting high on chicha de whatever. See chicha is juice. Not just juice but sweetened juice. Were talking fistful o sugar. Yeah! There is chicha de nancy ( Nancy is a yellow berry the size of an olive that grows plentiful on trees around these here parts, and are picked and placed in water, usually in a 2 liter bottle of Coke), chicha de naranja, and my favorite chicha de guanabana ( a green balloon-sized fruit that tastes better than a pear-trust me). Oh, and don\’t even bother trying to find 100% OJ…not gonna happen. So I just drink black-as-bitch coffee every morning.

So i will be away for a few days to the Darien-the province that borders Columbia (god damn Colombians). I hear there’s really nothing there, certainly no beach, but it will be interesting to visit the wild frontier of the country enjoying my 31st Birthday on Sunday, July 18. A five hour bus ride along the rugged unpaved Pan-American highway, along heavily secured checkpoints. I will be with a fellow PCV, while other members of the group will be going to various beach communities.
Life is good. My host mom cooks, cleans, washes, and gets to hear me gab. And I get the daily bochinche (thats gossip for you whities). Oh yeah! And we had our swimming test. We got to swim around in our clothing for ten minutes. Fun! Then we took off our pants and used them as floating devices. Yeah! Oh! And were raising chickens. More later.
Ciao from Panama with 50% more love.