Warriors… come out and playaaay


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Most of you might have seen “the Warriors” mural in the island that is Coney. Well the overlying question is; “why is it there?” besides the reason that the warriors hail from Coney. A few of us [geeks] noticed a symbol on the lower right of the mural belonging to Rockstar Games. Is it a video game perhaps?
Correct my friends, a video game and leave it to rockstar games to rock the house with a kick ass game.

Rockstar, creator of the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto series, has recently announced the development of The Warriors, a game based on a 1979 movie of the same name.

The game is a huge, sprawling beat-em-up that includes a prequel to the movie, with a deep but user-friendly fighting system. Apparently the game will feature GTA-like open levels, but will also stay true to the original film.

Rockstar is quoted to have said that “this game at it’s heart is a brawler. [Rockstar loves] Streets of Rage; [Rockstar loves] Double Dragon. [Rockstar] wanted to take that to the next level.”

Apparently, they have a lot of confidence in The Warriors. Regardless of public opinion, The Warriors will make its way to PS2 and Xbox in the near future.

Oh hellz Yeah!!! now if they have Ms. Jones’ voice in the game I will explode with happiness.