Panama week 3 (a little late)

Just came back from the Darien (rugged, forested province adjacent to Colombia) sans my compa?ero Sasha. He?s in the hospital. Some stomach virus or kidney stones. I was pretty lucky. Seems our adventure was so-so. We helped a PCV apply cement to his new latrine, we hiked a couple of km along the mountains surveying distance & elevation for possible aqueduct, and played pool & drank Atlas cerveza. After that was over we went back to good old Santa Rita for some home cooked meals. Sasha was back from the hospital-seems like it was food poisoning, since he didnt wash his star fruits. We had a few birthdays to celebrate and we went to Leonardos for pizza drinks and dancing-woohoo. The following day there was another birthday and more food,cake, and dancing. Things are just getting better and better.
Haven\’t seen any scorpions, bats, tarantulas, or snakes yet but i?ll keep everyone posted. Someone else has to use the computer now so I hope to talk to you soon. I hope everyone is well. I have phone cards, so I plan on making a few calls. The letter writing campaign will begin once I am assigned to my post.
Lots of lovin?