Let’s do it again


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Back in November, I think, The band spanktunnel played the rockstar bar in brooklyn. The place was packed (with people we all knew). I happened to be coming from another party in Brooklyn and on my way picked up two 40s of bud and walked into the bar with them in my bag. The 40s and the many many drink that were handed to me gave me the false sense of courage enough to get on stage between sets and make everyone get into the spanktunnel position. once in that postion I called out names and forced them through the spanktunnel to the music that was being played, most of these were the ones visiting NY from out of town.

lugo and the tunnel

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After said spanktunnel, the band spanktunnel got on stage and forced me to sing with them. Wow that was a rocking good time. Let’s do it again.