Magic Hat #9 knows all

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the big purge. The chance to purge everything negative and unnecessary in your life…
Well I can try. Me the pack rat trying to get rid of things, there is a sight.

After a great homemade brunch and even better conversations I had three Garbage bags filled, bursting at the seams. That’s what I had. Woulda had more if I didn’t run out of garbage bags. Note to self must buy bigger bags.

Man I have a lot of crap in my life.

On new years day of this year I had a bottle cap ask me a question “are you really ready?” I can now say Yeah, I am ready; show me what you’ve got. Well not really ready yet, I still cant help but feel disappointment. Oh not in myself, not at all, but in others. That may be, to some, a fault but when it’s people you actually give a shit about, it really isn’t. So maybe I shouldn’t really give a shit, that’s the answer. I know this all sounds pretentiously arrogant but hey I never get to do it.