IM of the week : the Roach

Because I’m a lazy bastard and I am a complete and utter hack I decided to post IMs that stand out this is one that was this morning.
[09:58] Lugolounge: hey happy belated
[09:58] juleepaw: today is my birthday
[09:58] Lugolounge: no wait, not belated
[09:58] juleepaw: its no belated
[09:58] juleepaw: thanks!
[09:58] Lugolounge: doh I thought it was the 9th today
[09:58] juleepaw: I couldnt be at work on my bday
[09:59] Lugolounge: word
[09:59] juleepaw: so I am having a julee day at home
[09:59] Lugolounge: smart girl
[09:59] juleepaw: I think so
[09:59] juleepaw: did I tell you the roach story?
[09:59] Lugolounge: I will take you out to lunch tomorrow
[09:59] Lugolounge: no
[09:59] juleepaw: please hold
[10:02] juleepaw: last thursday I was sitting at my desk at 6 pm working – my boss screamed at the top of this lungs a blood curdling one, the loudest scream I have ever heard a man make – apparently he found a roach in his shoe I mean he screamed at the top of his lungs – the whole office was scared and didnt know what was going on – I thought someone had finally gotten sick of him and taken him down – I thought for a second that I wished it was me- but it was just a roach – a big one but come on. Greg was so funny – he was like he’s Indian he should be used to these things.
He made me come over to save him – I found him standing shoe less on top of his chair the roach had gotten into his shoe – because he had taken them off – he was walking around all afternoon with socks on. He acutally asked for more back up – from another member of our team – I assured him I could handle the emergency since I grew up in JC.
This is my life.
[10:04] Lugolounge: HAHAHA
[10:04] juleepaw: yep this is my job
[10:04] Lugolounge: this is genius can I post this on my site
[10:04] juleepaw: oh sure please do
Oh and Happy Birthday to one of my best friends in the world.