I will be waiting After School

My fellow ‘mericas,
As we step closer (hours) into Election Day, we are bombarded with ad upon ads telling us that their opponent flipped-flopped / voted against / voted for / gave money to / took money from / spat on a little child with a fatal disease. I thought the onslaught would just be that, really I did, till this morning I saw two ads, one from each opponent. Attack ads attacking the opposing attack ads. Yes, that is correct. The two opponents in question are Doug Forester and Senator John Corzine. I’m still waiting for one of these opponents to come out with an ad saying “I will be waiting for you outside auto shop after class”. NJ politics have been down right “school yard”. Jersey City alone has the most entertaining election campaigns ever; you thought class president elections were funny. What’s even funnier is watching these “politicians” work a crowd, or in some cases try to.
I’m not going to bore you with who I’m going to vote for, or even with facts and figures, cause I’m tired of it. One thing I can say is, how sorry I feel for NYC right now because both candidates are scumbags, and this coming from someone who has to decide between two rich assholes.
http://www.lugo-lounge.com/upload/2005/11/masthead_about_work-thumb.jpgAbout Jon Corzine
From: http://www.corzineforgovernor.com/about/

Jon grew up on a small family farm in central Illinois. His parents raised two boys while his father sold insurance and his mother taught public school.

http://www.lugo-lounge.com/upload/2005/11/Doug_Desk-thumb.jpgAbout Doug Forester
From: http://www.doug2005.com/html/Doug.asp

Doug came from humble beginnings…
Doug’s father never graduated high school, and his mother was born in a one-room house – they taught him the values of hard work, responsibility and integrity.