Half Chrome, Bitches

I finally decided to change the harsh lighting in my living room, those 100 watt bulbs are just too damn harsh, even with the dimmer. for the life of me i couldn’t find what i was looking for at the major hardware stores. what up with that? Loews and Home Depot didn’t have half chrome light bulbs. How could they not have them? I went online and found them and ordered 10 of these bad boys, 5 for the living room, 3 for the bedroom and 2 spares.

I changed the bulbs in the living room and they look great, bouncing the light off of the ceiling is so much better. Up next the bedroom. why didn’t i do this earlier? I do need to get that extendable bulb changer, i have high ceilings and i barely could reach the living room bulbs while standing on a chair, cant do the bedroom because the fixture is higher.