Monkey Vs Robot

Many Years ago I posted this after hearing it on the WFMU saturday morning show Greasy Kids Stuff. I became obsessed with this.

Years after the post I get an email.

Dear Lugolounge:
You put a smile to my day. Years have past since I first discovered Monkey Vs. Robot and it still gives me hope that one day…one day, Mokey and Robot will reconcile their differences and put the past behind them and move on-just move on. I will now pick up that phone and reconnect with my brother-that Monkey.


Dear MeMe,
As you might of known, by the many rantings written here, that I strive for nothing less then the best when trying to help my fellow man in bringing joy to the drudgery of their day. Mind you that most of these rantings where written under the influence of something, a feat I ask not to try at home (do as I say not as I do). I find joy in knowing that you found joy in Monkey vs. Robot and I also find joy in knowing that it brought a family together.

As far as the Monkey Vs. Robot situation is concerned I doubt that this will ever be over, It’s a perfect example of miscommunication between primate and Machine. I am saddened by this conflict and I hope this documentary reaches out to all those that are willing to listen.

Lounge always

here are the results of the poll (at the time i had put up a poll)
Who will win?
Monkey 20 (58.82)%
Robot 14 (41.18)%

Looks like those of you who read this favor the monkey over the robot, it’s the bananas isn’t it.