Aryan Oreo

JT: I noticed that you haven’t gotten any of my work done!

LugoLounge: of course i did

LugoLounge: I reworked the domino’s account

JT: Are you sure? This deck looks exactly the same.

LugoLounge: the noid is back

JT: NOw I’m furious with you.

LugoLounge: Verizon’s new product is called the thunderclap

LugoLounge: and Nabisco’s golden Oreo is now the Aryan Oreo

JT: There are so many things wrong with that sentence that I can’t even begin to note them.

JT: Plus now I want cookies. I am a highly suggestible girl.

LugoLounge: the double stuff golden it called mighty whitey now


JT: You are filled with big ideas today.

LugoLounge: so do I have the job

JT: I have a few more questions before I hire you.

JT: How do you feel about work place romances and/or affairs?

LugoLounge: are you coming on to me?

JT: How dare you!

JT: You have nerve to imply something like that. Who do you think you are?

JT: Who do you think I am!

JT: ?

LugoLounge: a highly suggestible girl

JT: hmmmm